Students in 6R reflected on ANZAC day through creative writing.

Fight for our rights- ANZAC poem

by Tyler Butler

Today we remember,

Tomorrow we proceed.

Yesterday we fought,

For peace, and ease.

Australia, New Zealand,

1 army corpse.

Freedom was earned,

Lives were lost.

On ANZAC day.

Soldiers died,

Families cried.

We were free.

But at a huge cost. A great loss.

As I stand,

Feeling guiltily despaired,

I remember the loss

That freed my country

From the forces at Gallipoli.

Poppies grow,

High and low,

Let the trumpet blow,

To remember the red glow

That buried our dead,

Of whom freed us from dread.

Poppies glow,

Trumpets blow, as we remember those

Who fought for us,

And lie in dust.

As poppies grow,

And forever glow

Over Flanders field.

Today we remember,

Tomorrow we proceed.

History shows,

As the trumpet blows,

Yesterday we fought,

For peace and ease.