Fresh Faced Friday

Fresh Faced Friday BTN Episode.



On a piece of write down what you want to “Tear Up” around the outside of the paper  i.e. negative self talk you find yourself saying about your body, media practices you want to see changed.

Tear It Up

Tear all that negative stuff from the outside of the paper, scrunch it up and throw it away as a symbol of taking a fresh and healthy look at you.

Share It

On your torn blank centre write your Fresh Faced Friday message of support for you and others to be body confident. Take a snap and share your #FFF “Tear It Up” message.

Discuss the issues raised in the BTN story.

What does body image mean? What is positive (or healthy) body image? Think about all the things which would help a young person to develop a positive body image.

What is negative (or unhealthy) body image?


Digital licence


imageOur year 6 students will complete eight learning modules that evaluate their comprehension of key technology and cyber safety topics, and equip them with the knowledge and skills they require to learn, play and socialise online.


Eureka Stockade

BTN: Eureka Stockade epidsode

After watching the BTN episode answer the following questions.

  1. When is the anniversary for the Eureka Stockade?
  2. Where was the Eureka Stockade? Locate using Google Maps.
  3. What is the Eureka Stockade? Explain what happened.
  4. What happens at Sovereign Hill?
  5. What was mined in Ballarat Victoria in the 1850s? Copper, Diamonds or Gold
  6. Describe what life was like for the miners.
  7. What did the miners call themselves?
  8. What happened to the miners if they didn’t hold a license?
  9. How has the Eureka Stockade contributed to democracy in Australia?
  10. What does the Eureka flag look like and what does it symbolise?

What do you want to know?

Our next Inquiry topic starts next week.

We would like to know what you want to know. This topic covers peoples rights, migrants, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, women and minority groups. It looks at government and key individuals that changed our nation.

Double click on the Padlet below and type your first name and at least one question.



Disasters Downunder

Are you a Volcanologist, Seismologist or a Meteorologist?

Can you tell me an interesting fact about the natural disaster you are researching? (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Cyclones, Droughts or Bushfires)

Do you have any wonderings about any of the disasters?

If so please post the question here and hopefully one of the other ‘scientists’ can answer it for you.

If you don’t receive an answer to your wondering you might like to find the answer to your question yourself by using the Disasters Downunder blog.

Last night we celebrated the terms work by inviting friends and families to the Learning Gallery to showcase our work. We also shared with the Foundation to year 5 students this morning. The buzz in the Learning Gallery was fabulous!

What did you think about the Disasters Downunder unit and the showcase?


Street Art

What a fantastic day we had yesterday in Melbourne! Wintry weather, tired legs, people everywhere and colourful streets.


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