What? We are learning to estimate and rank numbers in order.
Why? This will help us to work out the costs of owning a pet.
How? I’ll be able to work in a just right group to complete a brainstorming activity.

Discussion: Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of pet ownership per capita: 36% of households own dogs and 23% own cats. Why do people have pets? What sorts of animals are not suitable as pets? Why? Do you think owning a pet is ethical?

After watching the video brainstorm a list of costs involved in having a pet.

  1. Estimate how much each pet might cost to buy.
  2. Write the pets in order of cheapest to most expensive.
  3. Now brainstorm a list of other costs involved in having a pet. Financial costs may include: Food, an enclosure, equipment, registration, training, kennelling, vet’s fees.
  4. Once you have done this rank the costs in order from highest to lowest.
  5. Now research using netbooks/ipads and check actual costs against your estimations.

What did you find out today?
What questions do you have?
Which animal would you choose for a pet and why?