What: We are learning to read and use timetables

Why: This will help us to never be late for anything!

How: I’ll be able to use my understanding of elapsed time to read timetables.

By: interpreting a timetable, looking at real timetables


Your task is to use the below link to find:

  1. How many different buses can you catch to Werribee Plaza from Werribee Train station?
  2. The best bus to catch to Werribee Plaza – what bus do you catch? Why? How long is the journey?
  3. You have to meet your friends and The Werribee Cinemas at 12:00. What bus would you catch from the train station?


You need to get to Flinderstreet station by 9:00am. What train do you need to catch from Werribee?

Why do you think there are so many trains leaving from Werribee?

How are they different?

To explore Public Transport Timetables click here.