Here is our Party’s speech Tyler presented at assembly.

Here is our speech:


Greetings, Werribee primary School. I am Tyler, leader of the STARRR party.

For your Information, STARR stands for:

Students That Achieve Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

Vote for us, and you shall see this school TRANSFORMED.

Our slogan is:

STARR party is number 1,

You won’t regret were number 1.

Here are some of our ideas.

First off, Education and Training:

  • We will promote to make more workshops suggested by you, the people.
  • We can also put more safety on the iPads so we can protect you.
  • We will try to get a writing and technology club so we can improve your learning skills.
  • Also, for the iPads, we want you to suggest more appropriate iPads games that you can have a more fun time when you play the iPads.
  • If you guys have any more suggestions, please come to room fifteen.

Now for Sports:

  • Sport more times a week,
  • More Year 6 helpers when it comes to house sports,
  • We believe sport can be made safer in the playground. To achieve this we will place posters around the school to tell kids to play safe (for example – NO TACKLING).
  • Combining classes to help build school comradery.
  • Teach kids how to use sports equipment
  • We want a fundraising for new soccer goals
  • Have more sports clinics

Now from art:

  • Art club that we have thought of is called the VIA club (very, important, artists club). Second is the
  • Drama club called Da Drama club. We have made many plans and have thought of all of the ways to make them come true.
  • Art will be held in the art room at lunch times.
  • Drama club will be held in the Gym at lunch times.

Finally, Environment:

  • Cook fresh produce from garden reward, so if you help out on an event you get to cook and eat a meal from the garden
  • Fundraiser (gold coin donation and will decide what to do)
  • Container canteen
  • Garden monitors
  • Garden fences
  • Lights out day
  • Fix the toilets

And much more!

To wrap this up, I say to vote for the S.T.A.R.R.R party because we shall listen to your ideas, because we care for each and every one of you, and we shall respond. Because each and every one of you deserves to have their voices heard, and our Ministers and their teams will be ready for anything. Remember, we are the Stars of the year 6 Party election.

Thank you all for listening.



Please vote for us!