Today the year 6’s had a Mega Writer’s Workshop focussing on using Writing Buddies to improve their writing. The Learning Gallery was buzzing and it was amazing to see how focussed the students were on helping each other, well done year 6’s! 

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The students generated the following guidelines for Author and Writing Buddy:

* tell your buddy what you would like to improve on
* attentive listening
* record feedback given
* use feedback to improve writing
Writing Buddy
* attentive listening 
   – show with body language
* give constructive feedback:
   – start with positive
   – what can they improve on? Make it clear and detailed (can use 6 + 1 traits to help)

   – end with a positive

All of the students took on the role of Author and Writing Buddy. They gave and received constructive feedback about their writing and then used the feedback to improve their pieces.

Why is it important to receive feedback from others about our writing?