Watch the following clips.

Kids Sleep BTN episode

Teen Sleep BTN episode

1. What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?
2. What has a new study found about using electronic devices before going to bed?
3. The light emitted from electronic devices can affect how well we sleep. True or false?
4. When it gets dark, your brain clock decides it is sleep time and tells another part of your body to release what chemical?
5. Why do we need sleep?
6. If we don’t get enough sleep it can affect our…
      a. Concentration
      b. Memory
      c. Learning
      d. All of the above
7. What can we do to get a better night’s sleep?
8. Experts say that turning off screens at least an hour before going to bed is a good idea.
True or false?
9. How much sleep do you think you need each day?

Conduct your own sleep study. Record how long you use electronic devices for before going to bed and how many hours of sleep you get each night.

Click here to find out how fast your reactions are (you will need a mouse for this activity) – record your results.

When you are finished take this fun quiz about sleep.